We the undersigned scholars of international relations and foreign policy view the Trump foreign policy record largely as a failure. This administration has emboldened US rivals and alienated many vital US allies. Crises at every level have been mishandled, from the global Covid19 pandemic and climate change to slowing or containing national nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea. The United States, once a world leader, is seen as weak and disengaged by many leaders and in many populations across the world. The result is greater instability, insecurity, and human suffering. We need new leadership.

1) The US trade war with China increased tariffs, additional taxes paid by US consumers for imported Chinese goods. Meanwhile, the US trade agreement with China has fallen far short in raising US exports to China. China has not met the targets agreed to with the Trump administration. The trade war badly hurt US farmers, with the Trump government then spending tens of billions of dollars to subsidize them. When the United States badly needed PPE to fight Covid19, Trump’s trade restrictions hindered its acquisition. …

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